March 1st, 2007

Oh, Hell, It’s March

Somehow the last week of my creative act project didn’t happen. I’m in favor of the theory that the last week of February has currently set up shop somewhere in the summer of 1953. (I hear the weather’s great there!)

To make up for my delinquency, I’ll point you all toward the lovely, charming 55 Word Stories. I may have to try my hand at some of these eventually.

I didn’t do so badly overall, though. I committed twenty-one creative acts during February, which is twenty-one more than I usually manage in a month. At least ten of them are poems I’m fairly happy with and would definitely go back and revise, and I’ve got three games I want to develop, too. Plus I wrote unintentional Superman porn, and if that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is!

The hardest part of the project was showing work-in-progress to all of you out there in blogland. I tend to be quite shy (yeah, yeah, I know, you mostly don’t believe me), particularly about my writing. If nothing else, these creative acts showed me that it doesn’t have to be scary to show people what you’re working on. Hopefully this will help me be a little more public with some of the rest of the things I think, see, feel and do.