March 9th, 2007


Anthony Ciolli and Jarrett Cohen are abusive, sexist stalker-wanna-bes. Read about it here, then pass it along. Let’s make sure that everyone who might have any professional dealings with these two know exactly what kind of person they’re dealing with.

In other news, GDC is totally awesome. I’m just online for a few minutes before heading down to Google to visit my brother, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog before Shabbat. The short version is that I’ve been to some interesting talks and have a whole notebook full of new ideas to explore, both in terms of research and design.

The best part, though, is that I’ve actually averaged about two meaningful conversations per day with people that I’d really like to collaborate with. I’ve met a lot more interesting people than that, but I often find that these conferences are long on the hand-shaking and short on the real connections. I prefer the latter, so I’m glad that I’ve made some!

Also, for those who were privy to my little pre-GDC freakout: my talk went really well. Yes, you did tell me so. I am very happy to be wrong.

Reading List 2007 (9/65)

This week’s reading:

Darkfall, Dean Koontz
The Tailor of Panama, John le Carre
The Session, Judith Kelman
A Drink Before the War, Dennis Lehane
Darkness, Take My Hand, Dennis Lehane
Sacred, Dennis Lehane
Gone, Baby, Gone, Dennis Lehane
Prayers for Rain, Dennis Lehane
Unchosen: The Hidden Lives of Hasidic Rebels, Hella Winston

The secret to reading so much while at a crazy-busy conference? Have your plane delayed three hours, then have a loudly crying baby in the row behind you for the next six hours. I went through five books on the plane ride here alone, and another two while commuting down to Google to see my brother (who rules!! even if the Google campus makes me terribly bitter that I work in a windowless basement).

No reviews this week, except to say that I think I want to volunteer for Malkie Schwartz’s organization to help Hasidic rebels get their GED and go to college. Okay, also to add that Dennis Lehane is a great writer, even if his PIs get themselves in a little too much trouble to be believable. Okay, okay, and also to remind myself never to read Judith Kelman again; her characters range from wooden to aggravatingly wooden, and the Big Revelation just wasn’t.

Shabbat now. More on, well, everything when I get back.