October 26th, 2007

First Authors First

I’m going to be a first author!!

For people not engaged in the world of academia, this may not seem like a big deal. In fact, you may not even know what it is! But inside the academic world, being the first author on a published paper is a huge career boost - particularly if one happened to be, say, a graduate student who’s going to be looking for a professorship in just a couple of years.

Even better, I’m going to be publishing with my department head, Professor B. He’s a smart, well-respected researcher who has decades of publishing behind him. He gave me some great advice about where we can publish and where we can get good exposure. I haven’t always been too sure he thought well of me as a researcher, so this is kind of a huge deal on the professional-relationship side of things too.

Best of all, he says that we can get at least three papers out of the work: one empirical, one theoretical, and one with concrete recommendations for teaching and design. And it looks like I may be the first author on all of them. :)

Maybe I ought to steal the notion of TOTW (Taking Over The World) points from Darius, as I feel like I’ve just earned one or two. Rock!

(… er, now I just have to perform similar feats of magic regarding my dissertation.)