February 3rd, 2008

Thing A Day 3: Adventures in Beading

I think my favorite aspect of thing-a-day is being inspired by everyone else’s projects. I keep adding new projects and media that I want to try!

Today’s adventure was learning to bead. After salivating over Elizabeth’s ametrine and copper necklace, I dragged my boy down to Chinatown, where we acquired beading supplies. I’ve never made jewelry before, but with some how-to tips, a good pair of pliers, and an “Intro to Jewelry” kit, I managed to make this:

bracelet close-up

This is a three-strand bracelet. I put a loop in one end of a length of wire, secured it with a crimp bead, and then loaded the wire with beads. Then I looped the other end shut and secured it the same way. Once I had three strands, I hooked them together at each end with one of those claspy ringy things, and added a clasp and a little dangly charm.



I can’t believe how easy and fun it was to make something so pretty!