February 29th, 2008

One Small Step For Me …

… one giant leap toward my dissertation.

Today, I took my qualifying exams. And, barring an act of God, I totally passed.

I won’t officially hear my results for a few weeks yet, but I’m so close to being ABD* that I can taste it.

Now that I’m no longer alternately studying frantically and worrying studiously, I may once again be around. Thank you all for the various love and support you’ve given me over the last very stressful month. I’m looking forward to poking my head out of my hole both online and in the real world. Plus, two weeks until spring break! I sense celebration coming up!

But for now, there will be a cat, and a bed, and a very happy smile on my tired, never-want-to-see-another-ANOVA-table face.

*All But Dissertation, also known as the shoals upon which many an academic career founders …..