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Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006, 02:10 pm
Pencil Revolution

The best thing about the internet, hands down, is the way that it allows small (sometimes very small!) communities to flourish and find each other. Today’s example? Pencil Revolution, a blog about that humblest of tools. One might not think that there’d be more than, oh, a few months worth of material to write about pencils - but evidently the blog has been going for two years and is still very active. They’ve got reviews of pencils and pencil-related paraphenalia, notes about famous pencil-users in history, and the occasional post about the role of the pencil in an increasingly computerized world. Definitely niche but totally charming, this site made my day.

In related news, a group dedicated to mooning Amtrak trains has their own domain.  I love crazy people.