Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Gloria Mundi: Back Again

So, I’m in the middle of writing an extremely long post about Polaris, which I’ll probably end up splitting into two or three posts to save a) your eyes and b) my sanity.  But it reminded me that I’ve been writing so much about books that I’ve forgotten to write about games - and particularly about Gloria Mundi, our on-going epic tragedy set in ancient Rome.  There’s not too much to say on the Gloria Mundi front, except that we had a month-long break due to personal events in the lives of a number of players (one was finishing school, another was out of town, a third had night classes) and the usual holiday scheduling trouble.  Still, we met Monday night to pick up where we left off, and we fell right back into our routine of plotting and scheming.

It was really nice to get back into the story, particularly as we’d had some major plot developments just before we took a break.  The crazy ancient Tarassa came back from the dead (apparently, though there’s some doubt about exactly what is going on), Marcus was publicly defeated in ritual combat while trying to take back his family’s throne, and Aniketos has been tricked into carrying a ghostly visitor around in his head.  And wow, that sounds cheesy - but all these things are direct narrative consequences of choices the characters made years and years ago, and I swear they are totally sensible in the context of the larger tale.

What’s particularly interesting for me is that we took the game back to Gaul, where the characters began their story, after a long sojourn in Rome itself.  Many of the main characters are still in Rome, but we got a critical mass out in the west, as we’d always hoped we would.  (You offer the characters enough opportunities to go home, and eventually they will - though a couple of them had to be exiled into it!)  We’re about to begin a new story arc in which the characters get to face some of the decisions that they were victims of last time they were in Gaul.  They used to be the powerless young ones, and now they’re holding the reins of power in what promises to be a very interesting homecoming.

I think Monday’s session signaled the start of the next major segment of the game, and I’m really excited to see where it goes.  I can’t wait to watch them making others suffer what they once suffered when they were young . . . and pay for their own mistakes in coin they can’t afford to lose.

Man, I love tragedy.



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