Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Choosing Classes

Ugh. Spent the last couple of hours alternately passing out (and if anyone wants to know why, note the time of some of the posts I made last night) and trying to figure out what classes I’m taking this semester. I’ve discovered a great, if rather expensive, way of picking classes. I just go to the campus bookstore and see which classes I’m trying to buy the books for! Unfortunately, I didn’t quite stop myself in time and I ended up with a whole bunch of really interesting-looking books on, um, a variety of topics only vaguely related to my research. Even more unfortunately, I bought the books for this class on creativity and creative development, only to find that it’s an “advanced topics” seminar built on the class from last semester, so I don’t think I can take it. Sigh. Well, at least I’ve got lots of reading on creativity for research purposes!

Shopping didn’t work any better; I went to the class on virtual worlds today, which looked great . . . for a beginner. I had hoped that I would be able to use it to work out some of my ideas about social interaction in games and multi-player interaction, but I don’t think the class would be a very supportive environment for me. And anyhow, I have to keep reminding myself that virtual worlds aren’t my main focus - I’m much more interested in micro-multi-player environments.

I definitely have two of my classes down (statistics and a class on amateur media production), and I’m hoping to take an independent study as a third to save my sanity and give me time to write. It’s this fourth class that’s killing me. It doesn’t help that I’m trying to avoid evening classes for sanity purposes, as my brain stops working after 7pm. Oy vey. I’ll keep you guys posted as I figure things out.

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