Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Meme or Mitzvah?

When I saw this video, I was really tempted to show up.  After all, I was invited!!  (And yes, I was totally amazed at the twelve-year-old who had the balls to put this kind of thing together.)

After looking at the RSVP site, though, I wonder whether this isn’t meant to be some kind of crazy internet meme.  It says that the bat mitzvah already happened, but the last time March 11th was on a Saturday was in 2000.  I suspect the whole thing might be an ad for the bar/bat mitzvah company you can find on the links page.

Check it out, folks, and tell me what you think: mitzvah or meme?

Oh, and if you can’t get “If I Were A Rich Girl” out of your head, it’s not my fault.  Really.

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