Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Decade Update

I almost forgot to post this here, despite being remarkably excited: Decade made it to the top eight of the Game Chef contest.  While I have no illusions that I’ll take first place (there are too many outstanding problems with the game), it seems that the top eight are going to be published, which would be quite exciting.  While I’ve worked on published games before, this will be the first solo-authored effort to get distribution!

I think I need to revise the rules, though, and organize some play-tests.  Perhaps I’ll show up to Origins or GenCon with some cheap photocopies and make people take them home, willy nilly.

What’s particularly neat about this is that it’s inspired me to start working on my (very long) backlog of interesting game projects, plus some newly acquired ones.  Right now, I’m torn between starting Tabula Rasa back up, finally writing a first draft of the Sex and the City-inspired game I’ve been working on with the boy, or building a short Gormenghast homage game.  Maybe when I get through finals I’ll have a chance to work on them all!

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