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NaNoWriMo Meme

Stolen from some other NaNoWriMo-er, but I can't remember who.


NaNo ID: KleeneStar.
NaNo Journal: This one.
NaNo since: This is my first year. Pray for me. -g-

Working title: Children of Fortune.
WIP Genre: Swashbuckling adventure! Arrr!
Projected word count: At least 50,000. It's looking like it won't be more (ow, my wrists ....).

Have an Outline? Kind of. I knew basically what was going to happen in each "episode," which is turning out to have little relation to my actual chapters.
Scene-by-scene? I did for the first chapter, but I totally abandoned it within 5,000 words. Oops.
Know how it starts? With a bang!
Know how it ends? Ha. I thought I knew, but it's becoming increasingly clear to me that I'm not going to make it to the point in the story that I thought I would, so I've devised an earlier cut-off point. I'm considering this Vol. 1, even if I never go on with it.
Have your climax in order? Yup. Big showdown with chandelier-swinging and other good stuff. Not in the works anymore.
Know your main characters yet? I had a set of possible main characters, but it wasn't clear to me which of the six or so possibilities would actually become central until I started writing.
Have a particular tone in mind? High adventure.
Plan to Draw on your own experiences? I wish. -g-

Funny? It wasn't intended to be, but it's turning out to be really comic in places.
Serious? Nope. This is a novel in a month. Serious? Ha.
Sad? The sad parts seem to have gone the way of the chandelier-swinging scene; I'm just not going to get to them.
Semi-Autobiographical? Only in the most thematic sense.
Based on another story? Kind of - it's based on a story that some friends and I worked out, but it gets more and more divergent every time I sit down to write.
Influenced by any authors/current publications? Watch out, Alexandre Dumas!

A paper journal? No.
Pens? No.
Multicolored pens? No, but I should. :)
Index cards? I love index cards. Unfortunately, I use 'em and lose 'em.
Lists? Zillions.
Bulleted lists? Yup. List for each "episode" with key points bulleted. Ah, love the lists.
Plot Charts? Huh?
Character Charts? More huh.
Character formulas? Triple huh, unless this means using recognizable archetypes, in which case I mean 'duh' instead of 'huh'.
Favorite writing resource? The Manhattan Gaming Club. (You guys rock!)

A line you would like to use: "Knowledge is power, bitch!"
A scene you would like to include: Well, I haven't written the scene involving the twenty whores and the priest in drag yet .....
A concept you would like to explore: Betrayal of trust.
A cliche you would like to avoid: Love conquering all.
A character you would like to use: "Tiny," the hugely fat, vicious and easily amused crimelord.

Do you expect to be able to complete it? Yes, damn it. I am going to do this thing.
Do you intend to complete it? Yes!
Would you ever try to publish it? Ha. No.
What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? To learn that this is something I can do, and maybe try a novel that's a little less over-the-top and potentially readable (and maybe even publishable, if I'm lucky!).

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