Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Looking on the Bright Side

After my awful day yesterday, I got some of it out of my system by playing Bitches in the Vineyard (for those following along at home: an online, all-girls game of Dogs in the Vineyard), which I really didn’t have time for but made me feel a lot better about everything. I’m still feeling a little grumpy, though, so I’ll counteract it by reminding myself that I have a lot to be grateful for.

First (always first!) and best, I have the Amazing Boy, who is my best friend and lover and partner and collaborator and boy-muse and protector and fount of wisdom and everything else, and whom I can’t imagine life without.

I have dear friends who play with me, make things with me, put up with me, send me CDs, share their problems with me, write to me even when I don’t always write back, and are generally awesome. Some of them are even related to me!

I get paid (paid!) to make games, study storytelling, think about creativity, and read anything that I can justify to my advisor as being vaguely relevant. Doing an extra semester of this isn’t, I guess, so bad. :)

I have a fantastic community of smart people who are interested in the same things that I care about, and whose work inspires me, and who tell me when I’m being dumb, and who make me want to write more about what I’m thinking and doing.

I have enough money to support myself and still buy a ridiculous number of books and games, and enough health that my ongoing health problems don’t bother me day-to-day.

I’ve got about half-a-dozen projects going that excite me and that I care about, from teaching my class all the way to designing random games that may never get published. But I’m grateful that I have so many things that I care about, instead of having lots of time and no ideas.

That’s only the start of the list, I think, but it covers the really important things. And now I really must get back to writing the Big Looming Piece that was, but is no longer, making me cry. :)


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