Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Brief History of the Dead

I’m rarely tempted to buy books in hardcover - too little space, and my wrists prefer a lighter volume - but, oh, god, A Brief History of the Dead isn’t going to be out in softcover until January, and I can’t imagine waiting that long.  I read the short story that the novel grew out of, and I must have more.  The writing is gorgeous, the premise brilliant, the execution heartbreaking, and now there’s a whole novel of it and I don’t have it yet.  This must change.

In case it hadn’t already been implied, you should all, every one of you, go out and get your hands on this book, or at least on the original short story (published in the New Yorker and available online thanks to the magic of Google caching and/or the Wayback Machine).  Me, I plan to read the novel in tears, intensely, in the company of someone that I love very much.

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