Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star


So, I’m working on a number of ongoing projects, all of which seem to require research that’s outside my own field of expertise. That’s why I’m hoping the people here can recommend:

  • fiction or non-fiction about espionage in WWII
  • a good biography of Anne Sexton
  • a readable academic work about the traditional and modern Gothic genres
  • one or more television shows with great, snappy, well-constructed dialogue (I’ve already seen Buffy & Gilmore Girls, which were both useful in different ways)

For the curious, these are variously applicable to a number of different projects: my Gormenghast-inspired game; an amorphous world-building thing that may turn into either a game, a novel or a screenplay; my new play (!!), which I’m hoping can be ready for Fringe 2007; revising The End of the Line; and my ongoing quest to turn myself into someone who writes great dialogue.

Thanks in advance to my external brain, aka you guys!

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