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Thu, Oct. 5th, 2006, 06:54 pm
A Life Of Books

It really, really annoys me when writers get all self-congratulatory about how they read four books this month!!111!! Seriously, people. That’s less than I read in an average week. I rather like reading people’s thoughts on what they read, but certain people (read: Nick Hornby) ought to be a lot less proud of themselves for their page count. There are writers who handle this well - anything with Anne Fadiman’s name on it is probably a good example - but it really pisses me off when people handle it poorly.

Quality of reading counts for a lot more than quantity. Turning pages doesn’t make you some kind of intellectual hero; losing yourself in the worlds that books contain does, as far as I’m concerned. I personally admire a well-curated but eclectic reading list, no matter what its size. Hell, if nothing else, it ups the odds that you’ll find something wonderful to share with me!