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Sun, Feb. 11th, 2007, 10:06 pm
Creative Act, 2/11

For today’s creative act, I tried an erotic poem.  I hope the concept comes through!

I’m still taking suggestions for tomorrow’s piece ….

Reading Lesson

I read your body with my tongue
like an armless man reads braille.
Lovers meet on your smooth cheek,
part on your shoulder, forget their
names and faces in the damp spot
behind your knee.  Your belly’s
a long war, your thighs two nations
meeting and parting, exchanging
peace treaties and virgin daughters.
Your left ear’s a poem, more or less,
or at least two stanzas and half
a couplet.  And between your legs
I read my name, over and over,
like a child reads her prayerbook,
world without end, amen selah.