Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Creative Act, 2/3

Short one today - I actually only had about twelve minutes, and I wanted to make sure I got this up before midnight.  If I get back to this I may finish it later on today, but I really don’t want to miss a day so early in the project!

Iron Henry Learns to Fly

It isn’t easy for him to fly.
Not with three bands around his heart.
Men in uniform want to know
why their machines prick and wriggle
at his touch, and he can’t explain.
Not to that sort.  Not here,
with his bags gutted open
on a dirty plastic table, spilling
photographs and shaving cream and socks
like open-heart surgery.

How can he explain the sort of love
that forgives everything but joy,
the love that weighs on him
like iron bands, the love that
will not permit this brief betrayal,
this exodus from suffering,
this flight?

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