Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star


Anthony Ciolli and Jarrett Cohen are abusive, sexist stalker-wanna-bes. Read about it here, then pass it along. Let’s make sure that everyone who might have any professional dealings with these two know exactly what kind of person they’re dealing with.

In other news, GDC is totally awesome. I’m just online for a few minutes before heading down to Google to visit my brother, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog before Shabbat. The short version is that I’ve been to some interesting talks and have a whole notebook full of new ideas to explore, both in terms of research and design.

The best part, though, is that I’ve actually averaged about two meaningful conversations per day with people that I’d really like to collaborate with. I’ve met a lot more interesting people than that, but I often find that these conferences are long on the hand-shaking and short on the real connections. I prefer the latter, so I’m glad that I’ve made some!

Also, for those who were privy to my little pre-GDC freakout: my talk went really well. Yes, you did tell me so. I am very happy to be wrong.

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