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Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007, 12:37 pm
Virtual Bookshelf

I’ve never quite gotten around to using Flickr. That’s not because I don’t appreciate the service, but because there’s a fair amount of start-up investment in getting my photos off my computer and into the site. I’ve never quite found the reason that’s good enough for me to do that, especially since I tend to be more verbally than visually oriented in any case.

Then I came across The Bookshelf Project, and now I’m drooling to get photos of my bookshelves into Flickr. Realistically, I doubt I’ll do it - blogging my reading is tough enough for me, time-wise, particularly when paired with my cataloging/paring of my existing collection. But this might be the spark that gets me over the start-using-Flickr hump.

I have to prepare a presentation on improvisation and creativity today, but when (not if) I start using Flickr, I’ll post something here to let you guys know.