Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

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Kyle Kicks Ass

Thanks, kniedzw, for pointing me to 20' By 20' Room. I'm looking forward to following it - that, Grand Text Auto, Games, Design, Art, Culture and a couple of others are my current A-list blogs. At some point I should post about what I'm currently reading, but the list is so much longer than I ever have time to follow thoroughly that I feel bad saying anything more concrete than "this is what I'm reading right now."

If someone wanted to play Lexicon, though, I'd be more-than-a-little fuckin' thrilled. I think that with four-to-seven people it could be supremely fun and come up with something that's a tiny, fascinating gem of hypertext at the same time. Maas? Anthony? Other takers?
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