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Fri, Feb. 1st, 2008, 04:41 pm
Thing A Day 1: Making Music, Making Noise

I thought I’d “follow instructions” by sitting down at the piano and following along with some sheet music. I ended up playing several Chopin pieces out of the book my favorite piano teacher gave me for my high school graduation. (She inscribed it “To Jess, for your passionate nature,” which still made me a little weepy after all these years.) A couple of them I’d played before, a very long time ago, but I also tried to dig my way through two I’d never tried.

After that I figured it was time to make my own music, so I set up a mike and recorded three one-minute improvisations. If you’re hearing similarities between them, it’s because I was deliberately trying to improvise on a very simple theme!

Improvisation 1
Improvisation 2
Improvisation 3

(Er, I apologize for the terrible audio quality. I may try to do some music composition later in this project, but I’ll get myself a better recording device if I do!)

What I learned? I’m damn rusty when it comes to making music, but I really enjoyed doing it, too.