Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Thing A Day 4: The Map is Not the Territory

It was a rough day. I’m turning to my go-to art form.

Discussion of “The map is not the territory” in my research seminar somehow led me to writing this (moderately sexy) little poem about love.


Hip to hip,
lip to lip,
kiss to kiss,
this to this,
that to that,
tit for tat,
we go to a place
where there’s no coming back.

Mind to mind,
love to love,
hand in glove,
heart to heart,
torn apart,
I’ll make you my map
if you’ll make me your chart.

Eye to eye,
sigh to sigh,
touch to touch,
much too much,
head to head,
locked in bed,
we’re never alone
with whatever’s ahead.

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