Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

Reading List 2008 (10/136)

This week’s reading:

Mayday, Nelson DeMille & Thomas Block
The Way We Live Now, Anthony Trollope
He Knew He Was Right, Anthony Trollope
Darwin’s Radio, Greg Bear
Queen of the Country, dgk goldberg
The Devil You Know, Mike Carey
Cart and Cwidder, Diana Wynne Jones
Drowned Ammet, Diana Wynne Jones
The Spellcoats, Diana Wynne Jones
The Crown of Dalemark, Diana Wynne Jones

I left this way too close to Shabbat, so I can’t really post much about the books. Very briefly, Trollope is wonderful but loquacious; Mayday makes me want to switch the genders of all the characters to illustrate casual sexism in thrillers; Carey puts together a totally amazing urban fantasy world that doesn’t make me roll my eyes even once, with a super-appealing protagonist who’s nonetheless kind of a bastard; I should be used to YA fantasy often being all about boys (and sometimes girls as they relate to boys), but I expected better from Jones. (Though that said, I thought this was perhaps the best thing of hers I’ve read; she doesn’t hand-wave the ending which I really appreciated, and all the plot threads are well carried through.)

Shabbat shalom!

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