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Sun, Dec. 14th, 2003, 03:41 pm

So . . . my class is over. I'm not teaching in the spring, which will make it the first spring since I moved here that I haven't been around ITP, and the first semester in the last four that I'm not teaching (including summers). I had a really good group of students this year - excited, creative, and generally bright - and it was a good way to take a break, a good note to end on. Their final projects were almost all terrific (though of course there are always problem students) - a voice-controlled basketball game, a remote-controlled car that can take photos, a powerful interactive interpretation of Richard Cory, a beautifully designed weather-interpretation program . . .

I imagine I'll be teaching again sometime soon, because I really enjoy it, but right now I need my energy to focus on other things. I've been kind of depressed recently and don't have much energy to spare, so I think it's for the best. I was actually pretty terrified about telling the school that I needed a semester off, but they were very cool about it.

(Of course, I haven't yet asked the ITP folks for a recommendation, but hopefully they'll still be happy to give me one.)

Sun, Dec. 14th, 2003 08:18 pm (UTC)

teaching is exhilarating but exhausting for sure. you're entitled to a break, and you're doing your students a service by recognizing that you need one before it becomes apparent in the classroom.