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The Runaway House

So, as usual when I have a big deadline, I'm managing to have lots of interesting ideas about totally unrelated things.

Viz. The Runaway House.

I want to write a children's book (Rob, want to illustrate?) about a house that has great affection for its people, but is frustrated for two reasons. Its neighbor houses aren't very interesting - they talk with creaks and squeaks, at night - and the family keeps going off on trips and the house really wants to go see the world. So the next time the family goes off on a trip, the house calls up those house-movers that move houses around on trucks, and decides it's going to go see the country. After having a number of amusing adventures - I'm thinking having it be set down next to a number of very famous houses, and create personalities for them - it realizes it misses its family and gets home just in time for the family to never know it was gone. It ends in classic fashion with the kids talking about how nice it is to be home and how it feels just the same as when it left. The house on the left and right say their already-established boring lines, the house says something cheerful and settles down for a long winter nap.

There's another children's book percolating in me about the Undersecretary of Underpants, but maybe I'll leave the description for another time.

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