Kleene Star (kleenestar) wrote,
Kleene Star

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Um, Whoa

I've now heard about Once More With Hobbits from several friends, two mailing lists, and a number of web sites - who all heard about it independently of me or any of the rest of the OMWH crew. We're up to ten thousand hits in about sixty hours, and the rate seems to be increasing. There've been at least three impromptu performances that I know of, and likely more that I haven't.


So, suggestions about what else we should do with the site? How/whether we should publicize more? Other things that would amuse you?

Here are my current ideas:
1. Get omwh.com for the site.
2. Send this to Joss.
3. Make T-shirts! (At the very least, I want a t-shirt!)
4. Get sardonix to do videos for us, as I don't think any of us know much about video . . .
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