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Fri, Jan. 16th, 2004, 04:43 pm
Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom, everyone.

It's been a week of upheaval - getting applications in for grad school and the new apartment, visiting with my parents on Sunday, plus a bad bout of stomach flu (eew). But I'm looking forward to getting some change in my life, because I tend to stagnate way too easily. Once I'm happy in a situation, I get really passive and often don't go out and do things that would make me even happier - but shaking things up and changing my life gives me the incentive to be more extroverted, less work-focused, and not quite so much of a homebody. Basically, I'm a xenophile, even if a very moderate one (if moving apartments within the city is enough to satisfy my lust for change!).

One thing stays the same, though: Shabbat always comes way before I'm ready for it. Time to go see what I can manage to cook.