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In Other News

In other news, I haven't updated in a bit. Highlights include:

- thran STed last night for the first time in Gloria Mundi and rather kicked ass. The post-session wrap-up lasted well over an hour, which is always a sign of enthusiastic players. Yay thran!

- My grandfather is recovering swiftly from his surgery and is, as usual, being extraordinarly stubborn about, well, nearly everything. I got to hang out with him and hear his stories about fighting in North Africa during World War II, plus he fed me way too much (which is also usual) this weekend, so even if it came at the expense of Eddie Izzard and Vericon, I feel like I did the right thing.

- I got to hang out with my sister, who also came into town to help with my grandfather. She's going a bit nuts working on her college thesis and is struggling with a lot of the same issues that I've had to deal with when a Very Big Project has a not-so-near deadline. ("Why can't I just widen the scope a little more?") So I've somehow gotten the job of being her project manager for this, which is fine, except that it means me periodically saying "no, you can't change your mind about that, it's too late" and her getting annoyed. -g-

- rscott and I have begun what promises to be a rather long argument about morality and human motivation. He's a starry-eyed optimist (I say) while I'm a bitter cynic (he says) so we'll be at it hammer-and-tongs for a while, I suspect. The whole argument plays into another decision that I've made about being nice, but that deserves a post of its own at some not-far-away date.

- I got all the news from Vericon via maastrictian et. al. and I'm very sad I missed hanging out with people. kniedzw, bneuensc, I should have realized you would be there, but I didn't - and now I'm even more disappointed I missed you! (If I get to be on the receiving end of your new resolution, bneuensc, that'll go some ways toward making me feel better about it, though. -g-)

- Dana's having a baby! Well, okay, I knew she was having one, but I went to her baby shower on Sunday and it looked like she had a watermelon under there. Lots of very cute baby gifts were given and I got to see a bunch of old friends from ITP. I spent a good chunk of time telling myself that I really didn't have to have a kid if I didn't want to, though - especially when the people there who were already moms spent most of their time complaining about how they never have any time or energy for themselves any more. Dana seems mostly happy, though a little freaked out that, well, it's coming Real Soon Now, so I'm mostly just happy for her.

And . . . that's my life, folks!

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