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Advice Needed

Okay, people, I have a decision to make. Should I apply for an associate professor position at UCSD? It's in digital media arts - in other words, kind of up my alley. Here are the pros and cons.

- Position accepts a terminal Masters as qualification to be a full professor
- Position accepts theoretical work, not just actual artworks, as evidence of engagement in the field
- Lots of smart people doing computer-arts stuff are heading there, and I need a community of peers working in the field
- I will finally get paid to do what I'm interested in
- I love to teach
- California is cool

- Given that it's a long-shot for me, a surprising amount of work has to go into the application
- Not sure I'm ready to be doing curriculum development
- Not sure I'm ready to be teaching instead of learning, as there are lots of things I still need to gain competence in
- Not sure I'm emotionally ready to leave New York and my dear friends here
- I would have to join the Theater, Dance, Music or Visual Arts department, and I'm not sure I fit in any of them

Any thoughts? The application is due March 10.
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