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Sat, Apr. 10th, 2004, 11:36 pm
Game Links

  • Games Get Glam: big-name authors and movie folks are getting into the game business. Goodbye, marginalization; hello, legitimacy. Maybe now I'll get fewer disbelieiving looks when I tell people what I do.

  • Games Get Marketed: Nielsen and Activision are partnering to let in-game advertisers figure out just how effective their ads are. Please note that they're only examining male gamers. Yes, I'm seeing red and will probably write some angry letters - I'm not sure what more I can do in the short term.

  • Games Get Played: rscott mentioned this little gem, and he's right - it's great. The built-in chat room to discuss tips and progress is a sweet feature, too, that one doesn't often see in this kind of light-weight experience.