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Three Things That Made Me Happy Today

My cat has learned to recognize that when the buzzer sounds, it means that the door is going to be opening soon. She'll sit right next to the door until someone arrives, which can be rather confusing for her when we get buzzed by accident. (She also recognizes that when I get my suitcase down, it means I'm leaving for a while, and she can get rather irritatingly affectionate to try and convince me not to go. It's cute.)

I hosted semi-strangers for lunch - our downstairs neighbors, Jennie and Todd - and realized that I'm not a bad cook or hostess. They really seemed to enjoy themselves, and the menu (Moroccan chicken balls with couscous; olives; spiced peppers; tea) went over well. It was pretty unpretentious and un-fussy, except for the part where I had to get the boy to show me how to use the new food chopper without making a giant mess. I always hated the parties my parents had because they were so stiff, so it was nice to realize that one can have a social life without going to extremes of formality or of informality.

I spent two hours in the park and soaked up the sun - and while I did, I finished The House of Mirth and wrote almost 1,500 words of the new novel. Business and pleasure combined - how nice! I wonder whether I'll be able to work in the park when I start school. I'll probably have readings and things to do, so I bet the answer is yes. I can't wait.

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