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Look! It's a Meme!

So, this seems to be about counting down. Sure, why not? Because, you know, I'm procrastinating . . .

8 fictional characters I'd love to hang out with

- Sophia, from The Dream of Scipio, because I imagine I would have a lot to learn from her
- Lily Bart, from The House of Mirth, for her social grace and the opportunity to set her head straight about what she wants
- Susan Ivanova, from Babylon 5, because she's a bad-ass
- Athos, from The Three Musketeers, because I've always been a little bit in love with him
- Willow, from Buffy, because I'm also a little bit in love with her
- Gurgeh, from The Player of Games, because it would be fascinating to meet someone from the Culture (and I love games!)
- Galadriel, from The Lord of the Rings, because she's freakin' ancient and really cool
- Tristram Shandy, from Tristram Shandy, because he's hilariously funny

(Can you imagine hanging out with all of them at the same time? Now that would be bizarre.)

7 celebrities I would have to dinner

- Katherine Hepburn, for her wit and determination
- Neil Gaiman, for his creativity
- Jackie Chan, for his humor and general coolness
- Charles Dickens, for great dinner-table stories
- Alyson Hannigan, see "Willow" above
- Dorothy Parker, for nasty comments and brilliance
- Oscar Wilde, for much the same

(Yes, this is a somewhat loose definition of "celebrity." Live with it.)

6 items on my desk

- a tiny, purring black and white cat
- a wooden pencil holder with carvings of bamboo on it that my parents brought me from China
- my engagement calendar
- a fifties wooden library box that holds index cards
- not-very-good computer speakers
- a calendar for the upcoming opera season at the Met

5 places to visit

- Morocco
- Norway
- Turkey
- Mexico
- The American Southwest

(I'm only counting places I haven't already been; otherwise, Rome with the GM gang would be first on the list!)

4 facts about me you don't already know

- In highschool, I once went on exactly one date with a guy who had a serious foot fetish.
- My favorite place in all of Jerusalem is inside a sculpture in the Israel Museum sculpture garden.
- In graduate school, I once got an extension on a project and then never finished it . . . and no one noticed.
- I trained myself to have better posture by using Pavlovian conditioning on myself.

3 things I wish for right now

- My novel to be done (and good!).
- The space and money to have all the books that I want.
- My back to stop hurting.

2 names I wish were my own

- Kate Jacoby
- Arden Kenner

(I've never really liked my name . . . )

1 day I love the most

- The day that all the leaves seem to turn colors at once, and it's impossible for anyone to stay indoors when there's so much color and light and life in the world.
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