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You know, I could be happy doing nothing but reading all the time, except for when I'm making neat things based on the ideas the books give me. (And that, my friends, is why I am going to grad school. Whee!)

This occurred to me because today, yet more books arrived at my door. On Friday, just as I was leaving for my five-year college reunion (which deserves a major eek and a post of its own), books started arriving from out of the blue. I'm not asking what gave Hook the idea to shower me with books she thought I should read, but I hope it happens again soon. :) I just barely had time to stuff The Merlin Conspiracy and Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman in my bag before running for the door.

Of course, the previous Wednesday I had had a little bookstore accident as well; the boy and I had gone for a post-dinner walk which somehow (well, okay, we had a good reason - a birthday present for Ike) ended up at the bookstore. And that ended up with a whole pile of books for me, including a really interesting (though fairly dry and academic) study of bisexuality in Greece and Rome. Which would have been a lot more useful if the character I wanted it for hadn't ended up on the verge of death at the end of last session. Oh well. He might survive. Maybe.

Then during the reunion I went to Pandy, as there isn't a decent sci-fi or fantasy bookstore in New York, and was aided and abetted by Hook in buying way too many books once again. I'm officially out of shelf space on my sci-fi/fantasy shelf. Then again, that's because it only gets one bookshelf, while fiction and non-fiction get two each. I need to find a way to expand my book storage. (If nothing else, my poor comics have been relegated to the bottom of the closet!)

Finally, today a whole bunch of books arrived for me - I'd ordered them about six weeks ago, but there was some problem with the shipping, so now I've got delicious books: a Pushkin collection, an anthology of Jewish fabulist fiction, a book on modern piracy, some Moorcock I'd never heard of before. Now if only I had time to read them . . . .

The other good thing that happened today: I finally have a functional iPod! My sister gave it to me but neglected to give me all the necessary parts, so I've been cobbling for the past week. After an hour of cursing at the software (which turned out to be a different version from the hardware), I am now portably music-enabled. It's a good life. Maybe I won't kill any PCs at game tonight.

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