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Courtesey First . . .

I've been away for what feels like ages, what with reunion, Origins, and the like. Even when I've been around, I've been too busy working on my play (and discovering I'm not a playwright!) to have much energy to write here. But first things first: before I start rambling about my own stuff, I owe a number of people congratulations of various kinds. For instance:

chaiya, hakamadare - Oh my word! You have a house! I can't wait to come see it. I'll poke the boy and see whether he's interested in doing July 4th in Boston, but if not, we'll have to come and help you on the unpacking end of things instead.

bneuensc - I'm not sure whether to sympathize or rejoice with you, so let's go for both. Consider me patting you on the back with one hand and waving the other in glee at the same time.

rscott - Not that you haven't heard this from me in person, but you're a bloody genius. And I hate you. Did I mention the hating you? -g- Also, thanks again to you and thran for the flowers and port - though I haven't gotten a chance to drink the latter yet, since I might just pass out on the floor, what with being sick.

psychick - You're pretty fantastic all-around, but congratulations on your fabulous art stuff. Really, though, I'm most pleased that we got some time to bond this weekend. Does that mean you'll let me take you out to dinner sometime soon and talk your ear off about projects and the arting-up thereof?

kniedzw - Good luck. Really. I'm crossing as many fingers for you as are socially appropriate.

scarywhitegirl - Squee! The bag is adorable! I love the colors, but I might have to replace the silver button with a big blue one, because then it would match my favorite shirt and I'll use it all the time (as opposed to just periodically). I hope you don't mind! (Of course, I'm going to have to get the boy to do the actual button replacing, as I've made a point of never learning to sew. He even has to sew up the various knitted items I make.)

In other big news about other people, my sister (she of the thesis) is moving to New York. She's looking for a cheap two-bedroom apartment and a job doing non-profit work, if anyone hears about either. Or I can just use my magic powers of hookup to find her something, let's hope. I'm really excited to have her here, especially as I'm not the best phone correspondent (as most of you can vouch for!) and she hates email - so instead we'll get to hang out in person, I can show her around the city, and with any luck I can suck her and some of her more talented friends into the madness I call my life.

Off to look at an apartment for eclectician. I'm hoping this particular place kicks enough ass for him to take it, as it means he'll be about ten minutes from me. More later.

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