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Sun and Stars

I don't believe (and have never believed) in astrology, but I've always found it vaguely interesting as a tool for self-examination. (Example: "Am I like that? Or am I more like this other thing?") Usually I find myself not identifying with anything that's said about Capricorn - I don't consider myself overly pragmatic, detail-oriented, conventional or stuffy. Mentally, I'm a synthetic and creative thinker; emotionally, I value originality and passion. I took some online quiz, though, and got this result, which I found surprisingly accurate.

When Jessica was born, the Sun was in the Sign Capricorn, the Elder. One critical point dominates every other consideration: Jessica's basic sanity and vitality depend on a constant diet of visible accomplishments. For this reason, Capricorn is often framed as an "ambitious" sign. Yes and no: psychologically, all Capricorn really refers to is self-discipline and sustained effort. Even though Jessica has those qualities in abundance, the key is that she feeds herself through exploring and extending them. And that's something she can do in a conventional profession...or by spending long hours devotedly learning to play the sitar. To that end, Jessica's nature is determined, serious, and driven, no matter where she aims it. Restraints on her focus and concentration are anathema to her. For committed love really to work for Jessica in the long run, it must support her larger aims rather than detracting from them. No clinging vines need apply, in other words -- although if Jessica found herself with one, she'd probably honor the commitment! In real intimacy, Jessica's self-containment may let her slip into a kind of emotional invisibility or unavailability, and clearly that must be avoided. Ditto for the perils of simple exhaustion. The good news is that she brings to love the same inestimable virtues she brings to the rest of her life: integrity, devotion, a capacity to endure the threadbare patches, and unerring realism.

It's useful for me to think about this, especially in the context of various possible professional developments coming up. It's true: I don't feel complete unless I'm making or doing something, and doing something that I feel is a good use of my abilities as well as being inherently worth doing. Considering that I've got some hard choices coming up about where to spend my time and effort, every little bit of insight helps.

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