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Not Musty

So, I get a lot of semi-spam (not quite penis enlargement, not quite anything I care about), and one of today's bits was particularly thought-provoking. The Santa Maria Novella brand of perfumes - yes, made by monks, as all good things are - made a signature fragrance for Catherine de Medici's wedding to Henry II, and they're still selling it today. I can't stop thinking about it, because it's always seemed clear to me which senses can transcend time. We'll never know what the food of 1350 tasted like, though we can replicate from recipes, nor know what music sounded like before the invention of notation - only words and pictures and objects come down to us through the years, only sight and touch survive. But I suppose smell has to be added to the list, now. Generations of men making sure the scent was pure and true have given us a window back in time.

If the perfume weren't so expensive, I'd wear it myself.
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