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Last Cigarette:I had a cigar a couple of months ago, and plan to smoke the fantastic one Richard brought me tonight.
Last Alcoholic Drink:Port, Saturday night, with rscott and maastrictian and Joe. Mmm, port.
Last Car Ride:Coming back from Origins, more than three weeks ago.
Last Kiss:This morning's have-a-good-day peck.
Last Good Cry:Monday night, over a story. Very cathartic.
Last Library Book:I have serious problems with library books, because how can you read a book and not fall in love with it and want to take it home? It's been a while since I used a library . . . .
Last book bought:The Winner's Curse, a book on the psychology of economics that my brother recommended.
Last Book Read:A collection of Shalom Aleichem's short stories.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:The Stepford Wives, which was decent. Then there was the month of nothing-I-want-to-see, which is fortunately ending.
Last Movie Rented:Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Fuck.
Last Beverage Drank:Tasty tasty orange soda, the kind that's such a flourescent orange that you expect your eyeballs to glow.
Last Food Consumed:Cottage cheese on wheat toast. I'm so healthy!
Last Crush:Not telling. But believe me, it's cute.
Last Phone Call:Making biking reservations for this weekend in the Poconos.
Last TV Show Watched:Um . . . I can't remember, it was so long ago.
Last Time Showered:Yesterday morning, post-gym.
Last Shoes Worn:My new black sandals, which don't make my feet bleed. (My old ones did. Oops.)
Last CD Played:Los Amigos Invisibles, Zinga Son.
Last Item Bought:See "books," above.
Last Download:The new version of Spamnet.
Last Annoyance:My fingers are sore from too much typing.
Last Disappointment:I don't like to talk about my disappointments.
Last Soda Drank:See "last beverage," above. I should go have some water or something.
Last Thing Written:This. Or, if we're not counting this, a number of posts about our as-yet-unnamed collective.
Last Key Used:To my front door. Or ".", if you want to be techno-literal.
Last Words Spoken:"Thanks. I'll call you back."
Last Sleep:Last night. Bad dreams.
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Ben & Jerry's in the park on Sunday. I rarely eat ice cream, but it was an ice creamy kind of day.
Last Chair Sat In:My not-very-comfortable desk chair. I need a new one.
Last Webpage Visited:weather.com. Exciting, I know. Ah, this is my life.

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