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I have never written any sort of fan-fic before, and I wasn't even sure whether I was comfortable posting this here. But - what the hell.

Title: Deja Vu
Author: kleenestar
Distribution: Fine with me; just post a comment first.
Spoilers: What's My Line Part 2, Wild at Heart (minor).
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not even a little bit mine. Damn.
Rating: PG-13.
Description: My Femslash Ficathon assignment and my first-ever piece of slash. Buffy and Kendra get it on in an angst-free fashion while Cordelia and Willow both watch, though neither Cordy nor Willow are aware of each other.


Deja Vu

It was the fourth time she'd cast the spell this week. Doing it alone was draining, but somehow she didn't feel right about asking Tara to work it with her. It wasn't that she didn't like Tara or want her around, but this was just … private.

Nobody wants to listen to sob stories, she reasoned. Anyhow, it's not like it's such a hard spell. Just a pinch more aaaand – there!

In front of Willow, a pool of shimmering light spread over the floor, filling the circle of powder she'd sprinkled. The light swirled nervously as Willow leaned over, checking the spell instructions one last time.

Focus on the scene to watch, she thought. No distracting thoughts like last time, when she'd accidentally ended up watching herself sit through most of Body of Evidence. No, it was Oz she wanted to see: Oz when they'd been happy, when he'd made her smile instead of cry, like the day they'd met by the vending machine in the high-school hallways. That day … yes, she hadn't watched that one yet.

She focused, casting her mind backward, backward, willing herself to see that time and place. An image slowly formed before her. Oops, Willow thought, just before the familiar hallway filled her vision. There's the vending machine … but that's not Oz …


"What are dose two doing?" Kendra demanded.

Buffy followed Kendra's pointing finger. It was Josh and Joanne, doing what they were best at – skipping class and making out. Admittedly, his hand was so far up her shirt that he could have helped her apply her makeup, but it wasn't exactly unusual for them.

"I t'ought dis was an educational institution," Kendra added in a voice just a little bit too loud for the school hallway. Fortunately the pair were fully absorbed in each other and didn't even turn their heads.

Buffy sighed and gently pushed Kendra's arm down. "We don't point at the nice people when they're making out, okay?"

Kendra looked scandalized. "Dey ought to be studying."

"Hey, it's not like you can just turn it off because you happen to be in school. Didn't they have a section on sex and the single Slayer in that handbook of yours?"

Kendra shook her head firmly. "No, dat section was not in de handbook. It was me Watcher who taught me to satisfy meself. He felt it would improve me focus if I could not be distracted by such t'ings."

Buffy's eyebrows shot up. "Your Watcher? That's a dark place. A very dark, and strangely incestuous place. A place I hope I never have to hear about again."

Kendra looked puzzled. "Dere was nothing inappropriate about it. He stood outside de door of me room and instructed me in de proper procedure for satisfying physical urges." Her face relaxed into a slight smile. "Dat was de day he gave me Mister Pointy."

"Mister …? No, you know what? We are not having this conversation."


Cordelia drummed the end of her pencil on the desk. There was no way she could sit through even five more minutes of this. If she had to walk through the halls on her way to the next class, with her luck she would end up running into Xander – absolutely the last person she wanted to see. If only she could get out of class early, she could probably avoid running into him.

Absent-mindedly she chewed on the end of one perfect curl as she pondered the problem, then jerked it out of her mouth as she realized what she was doing. It wasn't bad enough that he'd kissed her – now he was going to give her split ends?

No, wait – that was it!

Her hand shot up. Without waiting to be called on, she spoke. "Excuse me, Mr. Morris? I'm having a hair emergency." Trying not to smile, she faked a cough. "I'm, like, choking here." Before the startled teacher could get a word in edge-wise, Cordy had her books up and was halfway out the door. "I'll just get myself to the nurse, okay?"

Safely out in the hall, Cordy glanced at her watch. Six minutes before the bell – perfect. Time to get herself to the bathroom to fix the chewed-on curl and still make it to class Xander-free.


"So let me get this straight. You want me to show you how to kiss?" Buffy shook her head in amazement.

Kendra looked puzzled. "It does not seem more difficult than de firing of de crossbow."

"I feel like we should be eating that pineapple pizza and putting on pink nailpolish."

"I was not under de impression dat dose things were necessary for kissing."

Buffy threw her hands up in exasperation. "Not for kissing – it's just that most people learn those things from their friends when they're young. You know, pajama parties, truth or dare, talking about boys?" She looked at Kendra's face and backed off. "Right. Sorry. Guess you missed out on that."

She glanced over to where Josh and Joanne had been, hoping to use them as a living example, but they'd moved on when they'd finally realized they had company. "I guess we're going to do this the old-fashioned way. First, you make a fist."


The voice came from around the corner. "I do not see what de kissing of de hand accomplishes. When you train to kill vampires, you stake vampires, not your Watcher's hand. Why should dis kissing be different?"

Kendra – definitely Kendra. Not that she had anything against the one-outfit wonder, but really, someone should explain to her about using the indoor voice. Someone said something indistinct in reply.

"Push you up against dis … machine for de selling of food and kiss you. A lot."

Cordelia almost dropped her books but moved a few quick steps closer to the sound of the voices. Kendra kissing someone? She had to know.

"Whoa there," Buffy's voice came around the corner, sounding just a little nervous.

On second thought, she really didn't want to know. Cordelia fled, so rattled she didn't see Xander coming down the hallway until it was far, far too late.


"Whoa there," said Buffy, backing away from the other Slayer ever-so-slightly. "Why the sudden obsession with kissing? Not that it isn't a pleasant leisure-time activity," she added brightly, "but you've got Mister, um, Mister Pointy! You know, for focus and all that."

"NO! Dat is a different t'ing," Kendra almost shouted. Buffy could have sworn she heard footsteps nearby, but she was more concerned with what looked like imminent berserk Slayer-rage. "You –" Kendra said softly after a moment. "When you kissed de vampire, dere was more to dat than de satisfaction of physical urges."

"Can we stop with the discussion of the physical urges?"

Kendra looked at Buffy calmly, waiting for an answer.

The thing was, Kendra was right. Sure, Angel was one-hundred-percent pure hotness – but that wasn't the point. She loved him. Kissing him was incredibly sexy (and she could feel her breathing quicken just a bit at the thought of his strong, slightly cool fingers on her arms as his lips pressed hers), but it wasn't only sexy. His strength, his so-hard-won kindness, his intensity all made her want to climb out of her own skin and into his.

Okay, she could see why Kendra might be upset – it wasn't like Kendra's Watcher would ever let her talk to boys, and she was pretty sure no amount of Watcher-instruction-shouting could replace what she and Angel had. (Though she had a brief image of Giles frantically adjusting his glasses as he tried to describe where she should put her hands next, which gave her the sudden urge to giggle inappropriately.)

When you put it that way, Buffy thought, it was kind of surprising that Kendra hadn't picked some guy and had her way with him. She seemed to like Xander. But – right – Slayers don't do that.

Instead she remembered what Kendra had done. Helped her intimidate Willy. Arrived with the cavalry at the church. Protected her from the policewoman/assassin's gun. In fact, when you got right down to it, Kendra had probably saved her life. Even a Slayer doesn't play well with bullets. If it was kissing Kendra wanted, Buffy had more than enough respect, affection and gratitude to do the job.

Kendra waited patiently through the long silence, hands on hips and one eyebrow raised.

"You're right," said Buffy slowly. "It's more than the physical urges. Let me show you."


Less than a minute after the bell rang, Oz crouched down next to a vending machine that looked like it had just gone through most of World Wars One, Two and Three. "Hey," he said half to himself, awkwardly fishing a package out of the dispenser slot, "free animal crackers."


Willow scattered the circle of powder with one quick gesture, the image fading far more quickly than the flush on her face and the dampness between her thighs. It was seeing Oz, she thought firmly, banishing all thoughts of strong hands tangling in long blonde hair, of two sets of curved lips pressing together, of –

Oz. Oz. Oz.

Willow threw herself face-down on the bed.


A little voice in the back of her head replied, Yeah, right.

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