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Posting, Posting Everywhere

It's hard to get back to regular posting after a long hiatus. (I think it's the latent - or not-so-latent - obsessive-compulsive in me.) I feel like there's so much that I've missed writing about that I ought to go back and write about it before I can record what's going on now in my life.

No, don't worry, folks, you don't have to tell me that I'm being obsessive and vaguely annoying. I know that I am. Hence, I'm going to abandon any hopes of writing about (most) of what's happened in the past few months, much as I hate doing so. Sigh.

Recent highlights: starting grad school, having the Biggest Fight Ever with my parents, hosting Thanksgiving for eleven of my nearest and dearest friends (okay, ten friends and one guy I'd never met before, but who was really cool), having eclectician here in the city, reading far more nineteenth-century German sociology than one woman really should, and all sorts of other things, good and bad, near and far, hard and easy. It's, you know, life.

And now hopefully I will be able to post about the usual random crap that you're used to hearing from me. Because believe me, my brain is as cluttered a place as ever.
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