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Weekend Report

The anatomy of a good weekend:

My dear friend Cat dropped by Friday night, very unexpectedly, as he happened to be in town. (There was backstory involving having to take a friend's car down to the port for transport to Europe. I didn't get much out of the story except 'ships are big.' I think I need to go down and visit Newark Port sometime.) He's doing all sorts of crazy stuff with this company he's starting up, which I'm not really allowed to talk about, but we've got Big Plans (tm) for starting a verrrrry interesting games-related company when I get out of grad school. Of course, I may end up staying in academia, but I can always consult. As usual, seeing Cat has left me with about a bazillion ideas for neat stuff I want to be doing, which is both good (I'm inspired!) and bad (I have to pass my classes!). But it was a good visit, and I miss him already.

Saturday, maastrictian ran the final session of the Shadowrun game we've been doing on-and-off. It's been a good-but-not-stellar game, mostly due to not all the players playing in precisely the same genre and with the same degree of realism. eclectician was definitely going for a more humorous, less gritty angle; psychick and urriell were more on the coming-of-age-story side of things; rscott was going classic samurai-influenced Shadowrun; and I was going for very realistic and gritty (which I think was Maas's original intent). Nevertheless, it was a fantastic final session, mostly due to some awesome RP on urriell's part and a great climactic battle sequence. Maas is generally really good at cinematic combat, and this was no exception. He managed to make both the up-close-and-personal combat between rscott and his mortal enemy AND the sniping-from-above my character was doing dramatic at the same time, which is really impressive. He also did a really good job of something he has a hard time with, which is role-playing in combat. Maas tends to forget that people will fight in ways that reflect their personality in the heat of running a battle for multiple players, and injecting the character element is usually my role. But he seriously kicked ass at it on Saturday, which made me very happy.

Then there was urriell's concert Saturday night, which also made me happy because it's good when people (like Shawn!) are doing things that they really want to be doing with their lives. The program has given me several new composers I have to become familiar with, too, which is always a plus, and I spent all night after I got home listening to Tallis and Palestrina on repeat. It was very nice. :)

Sunday was date-day with the boy, which involved us successfully buying Chanukah presents for nearly everyone local on our liist. Non-local folks, you may have to wait a few days, as mid-week is my busy time, but I have nefarious plans involving those of you whose addresses I am in possession of. And if I don't have your address, feel free to leave it here (or drop it to me by email) for a surprise. Also on Sunday, there was Katamari Damacy. And Rob. It was nice.

So: it was a good weekend. Pretty much the first good weekend I've had since my recent emotional trauma. It was the first time in a while that I've really felt recharged, which is good because I then promptly spent two days with my nose in impenetrable German sociology. Fortunately, it was interesting impenetrable German sociology, so I can't really complain. :)
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