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It's Chanukah!

It's Chanukah! And I'm sitting in class. Grumble. I want to go home and light candles and fry potatoes and get my PRESENT from the boy. Did I mention I like presents? And, fortunately for y'all, I love giving them as much as I do getting them. I did good with presents this year.

On the other hand, class today is quite interesting. We're looking at a research study about how girls use technology to construct their identities online. The study itself is kind of flawed - the authors collected an enormous amount of data, but then they kind of analyzed it according to their own ideas and lenses - but it's really interesting that people are looking at the kinds of technology use that girls are really doing and taking it seriously. Specifically, they're looking at girls who are participating in online communities based around fan culture, and taking that very seriously as a valid way of being technologically savvy. I also got to talk about how Livejournal re-envisions community in the very way the software works, which always makes me happy. Hurrah for taking fan culture seriously, and hurrah for Livejournal!
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