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I was just reading over the Gloria Mundi quotes and figured I should intermittently post some of my favorites. So, here are my favorite quotes from an episode in which Aniketos, the golden and gorgeous Greek, is taken hostage by some Armenians and sunk into a block of stone to prevent him from escaping. What can I say, it's how people with magic deal with people who are really strong. :)

The quotes:

Melita: "I like your new clothes. They're very fashionable, if you're a mountain."

Melita: "Quite a situation you're in, like a pearl in an oyster. Though I don't think I'd like to wear you between my breasts."
Aniketos: "You wouldn't?"
Melita: "No . . . you're very pretty, but I think you'd be too heavy."

Abby, OOC: "Well, Aniketos has always wanted to be immortalized in stone . . . . "

And now, back to your regularly scheduled life. More quotes coming at random intervals.
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