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Putting It Better Than I Could

"To write is a glorious but bold activity; the writer is an 'artist', one recognizes that he is entitled to a little bohemianism . . . . But make no mistake: let no women believe they can take advantage of this pact without having first submitted to the eternal statute of womanhood. Women are on the earth to give children to men; let them write as much as they like, let them decorate their condition, but above all, let them not depart from it . . . let them pay immediately, by tribute of their motherhood, for this bohemianism which has a natural link with a writer's life. Women, be therefore courageous and free; play at being men, write like them, but never get far from them; live under their gaze, compensate for your books by your children; enjoy a free rein for a while, but quickly come back to your condition."

This would be less depressing if he weren't still fairly accurately describing the way things work for women.

Me, I'd rather have books than children.
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