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If You Have $5

Recieved from a friend:

I'm in the midst of redoing this site (for free!) Centro Mujeres Mexico which is a very very worthy cause. They alone have reduced teen pregnancy by a large margin. Their programs have been adopted by similar organizations nationally. They are teaching women about their rights as human, not child bearing slaves, and youths about safe sex and general sex education. Most teenagers believe that kissing causes pregnancy so they don't kiss, they just have unprotected sex, not understanding that it makes babies.

This organization can run on $500 dollars a month. Previously they were funded by U.S. organizations looking for tax write-offs. Now those organizations are no longer able to donate due to IRS changes to "combat terrorism". I know all of us with an ounce of common sense can't understand why a woman's center that provides pap smears and reproductive health services would be flagged as a terrorist foundation but I can believe it. It's because they're doing work to prevent spousal abuse. They're stopping children (10 and 12 year olds!) from having babies and they're preventing women from dying from coat hanger abortions after their 8th child by showing them how to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. Can you even imagine being in the situation where your only options are to have a child or to have a coat hanger abortion? Are we in the 50's???

It's one thing to be pro-life or pro-choice but it's an entirely different matter to be pro-information. These women need to know what can get you pregnant. They need to know that their husbands are not allowed to beat them. They need to know that they don't have to have 10 children and that they're allowed to have friends. They just need access to information. It should be a universal right.

I know this is all a lot of seriously downer information but they really need your help. Imagine if you couldn't go to planned parenthood. Imagine if you weren't able to get your birth control pills. Imagine if you died from cervical cancer because you weren't allowed to have a pap smear because it would "ruin your virginity". Imagine these things and then think how you would feel. All I'm asking is for 5 dollars. You can check the site and see what they operate on. It's amazing. I just set their paypal account up and I'm hoping to have their new site done by the end of the week.

I just donated some cash. Please pass this along; it's an amazing opportunity to do a hell of a lot of good for as little as $5.

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