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10 Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

Jumping on the meme bandwagon:

10. Been evicted - with much screaming and yelling on the landlady's part - from an apartment where I'd lived for exactly four hours.
9. Joined IADAS. (Yes, I'm still excited.)
8. Been hit on by Strom Thurmond.
7. Had shards of glass embedded in my face and hands during a terrorist attack in Israel.
6. Created an internet phenomenon.
5. Gave a one-hour lecture so kick-ass that I got offered a full-time job on the strength of it.
4. Built a 700-pound concrete and plexiglass interactive sculpture (and nearly electrocuted myself doing the wiring).
3. Won a Westinghouse Science Award (now the Intel Science Talent Search).
2. Read a book a day for just over six months.
1. Fell in love with the most generous, kind, loving, thoughtful, tender human being I have ever met. (And there's only one of him. So there.)
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