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So. Much. Cake.

Wedding cake! Omigod!

We've been baking non-stop since about 10:30AM (barring a few breaks for mishaps like running out of buttermilk and forgetting to buy the 10" cake pans). eclectician is a god among men whose skills at both logistics and baking are unparalleled. He's had us going in a sort of tag-team effort - one person measuring, another mixing ingredients, while a third monitors the cake that's in the oven. Our freezer is full of delicious buttermilk cake and the most amazing chocolate cake ever, and now I can't wait for this durn wedding just so I can eat some!

Things I've learned about baking include that the quality of the chocolate matters a lot, that you always rotate the cakes so they bake evenly, and, most importantly, that you scrape the sides of the Kitchenaid after adding each ingredient. Did I mention I want a Kitchenaid? Or, more accurately, I want a kitchen in which I could theoretically find room for a Kitchenaid. I guess I could get rid of my microwave, but then how would I eat bad pizza for breakfast when my boy isn't around to stop me?

In any case, we're up to the point of making frostings (I mean creme brulee and other fancy frosting-type things), and nothing major has gotten covered with either chocolate or sugar. Life is good.
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