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Kleene Star

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Disturbing News

I can never tell whether I'm ahead of or behind the curve when it comes to news, but this proposed law to let students who feel their beliefs are not tolerated sue the professor is incredibly upsetting, especially as a current student and future academic. I think it's fairly obvious what's wrong with this, but another disturbing thing is that some of the things that Baxley is saying - in a very different context - are actually important tenets of the educational philosophy here at Columbia. Just yesterday we had a long discussion of Paolo Freire in my social theory class, where Freire talks about the notion that teachers have as much to learn from students as students do from teachers, and that teachers should not be a dictator in the classroom, and that control of the curriculum should respect the lived reality of the students as well as the expertise of the teacher. Yet somehow when Freire says it, it's liberating, but Baxley turns it into a horrible joke. Maybe that's just what happens when you get the legal system involved?
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