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Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 05:31 pm
More Sci-Fi Lists

Science fiction for liberals.

Science fiction for almost everyone else.

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005 11:19 pm (UTC)

Stop it! Right now! Argh! Recommended reading lists from someone whose viewpoint I really respect! Nooooooo!

Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005 12:01 am (UTC)

I can't personally recommend all of these, but now you've reminded me to do a reading roundup for March, so you may hate me anyhow. :)

Sun, Apr. 3rd, 2005 04:29 pm (UTC)

I just had to say this somewhere...Santiago is not an anarchist book and anyone who reads it as one is reading it wrong. Civil disobedience yes. Anarchy no. And I do recommend it heartily. It is one of my favorite books of all time.

(boffo9 is familiar with my whole Mike Resnick thing, so he will take this with the grain of salt it deserves. I'll shut up now.)