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That Music Meme

I was at school until nearly nine tonight. Of course, the boy was at work well past 10:30 so I didn't even get to feel bad for myself. -g- On the bright side, I am home again home again jiggety jig and full of tasty Chinese food. I even managed to slip in my judging for the Webbies tonight, just under the wire.

As I seem not to be sleepy, though, I figured I'd do that music meme, courtesy of bneuensc. So here goes nothing - and you all get to discover just what a big music dork I am!! (That's music dork in the sense of having absolutely no taste in music, by the way - I have plenty of friends who are music dorks in the obsessed-with-music kind of way.)

01. Total volume of music on my hard drive:

10.5 GB, though it's probably more like 10.7 or 10.8 as some of my files were corrupted in the transfer from the other computer. Nothing I can't replace, though. I also have a whole lot of music that's only on CD: my ripping-all-my-CDs project died a horrible death long ago.

02. The last CD I bought was:

The Bride and Prejudice soundtrack, which still never fails to make me happy every time I so much as think of it.

03. The song playing right now:

"Fly Away," by the Black Eyed Peas. Wow, I do tend to listen to a lot of Spanish-influenced hip-hop . . . .

04. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:

1) "The One Who Knows," by Dar Williams. Something about the mix of unwavering love and unflinching honesty about love really gets me in the gut. "When they ask how far love goes/When my job's done, you'll be the one who knows." I always hear this as if the boy were singing it, although obviously Dar's a woman: he's the reason why I'm the one who knows.

2) "It's My Life," Bon Jovi. I got this off a mix CD that angeljoe made for one of his games, but I really started listening to it a lot this October when I began trying to make my life my own in earnest. I've got a playlist called "Remember why you're doing this" (this being having conflict with my parents), and this song's the first one on the list.

3) "Barco Negro," Amalia Rodrigues. This was one of the very first fado songs I ever heard, and I totally fell in love with the entire genre. (Don't get me started on Dulce Pontes, though. Yeesh - some of her stuff is epically awful, which is especially sad as some of it is so damn good.) Listen for the wonderful wailing moans - I don't have any other words to describe them - toward the end of the piece. Awesome.

4) "Represent," Orishas. This song got me into my whole Latin-rap-and-rock kick, which is a major part of what I listen to these days (viz. Ozomatli, Jarabe de Palo . . . even the Black Eyed Peas are quite Latin-influenced). It's no longer one of my absolute favorites, but it was definitely seminal for me.

5) "Spem in Alium," Thomas Tallis. An ex of mine introduced me to early music, and I've always been grateful to him for it. This is my single most favorite piece of music ever; every time I listen to the opening I get that breathless sensation of god-how-beautiful, even now that I must have listened to it a thousand or more times.

05. Five people I'm passing the baton to and why:

1) gamerchick. Because the CD she sent me was super-awesome, and I want more out of her. (See! Always calculating, yes I am!)

2) maastrictian. Because I like it when he posts, even if I know most of his answers.

3) psychick. Because I have liked every single song she has ever given me, and I am fishing for data to shower her with music in my turn.

4) asetmitab. Because she has great taste in everything else, so I fully intend to steal all her music.

5) satyrblade. Because I don't really know anything about death metal, but I hear he does. :)

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