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Whoo, Wedding

Despite a remarkable series of last-minute emergencies (a skirt that didn't want to stay in one piece, a sudden lack of blankets and pillows, a melting wedding cake), there was a wedding! And hakamadare and chaiya were married! And, hey, adrenaline is good for you, right?

(Actually, every wedding I've ever been involved with has been an exercise in controlled chaos. I'm not sure it would seem like a real wedding to me without at least one moment of panic. -g-)

What I really loved about the wedding - and intend to shamelessly steal, should I ever get married myself - is the way that their friends and family and community didn't just attend the wedding, they actually participated in creating it. From the ketubah (marriage contract) to the wedding outfits to the Shabbat meals for friends and family to the cake (go us!), everything that happened in the wedding had the fingerprints of their community all over it. Sometimes literally.

That's not to say that I intend to copycat them, if I ever get married. For one thing, my wedding will have a lot more books involved. Also possibly a Bollywood dance number. And elephants.

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